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Bergen Fjordtours offers fjord cruises and sightseeing in Bergen and western Norway.

The fjords surrounding Bergen are not only spectacular, but also very diverse. There are narrow fjords surrounded by impressively steep mountains stretching over 1000 meters and continuing for hundreds of meters below the water surface.

You also find fjords with diverse landscapes with an impressive supporting cast of ridges covered with dense forest and luxuriant landscapes stretching from the water surface to the top of the mountains. You will experience white church towers in the villages along the coast of the fjords surrounded by green grass and tombstones from old times. We highly recommend joining Bergen Fjordtours for the most breathtaking fjord tours along the coast of western Norway.

Sailing from the depth of the fjords to the outer parts and towards the ocean gives you an experience you are not soon to forget. The fjords surrounding Bergen are so diverse that you will be able to experience the whole range of different sceneries on a single trip. You can spend the night in small traditional types of seasonal house used by fishermen called “rorbu”, and apartments along the coast of the fjords. You can also stay at exclusive fjord hotels. On the trips you can cook the most delicious meals on board the boat. The boat Weller is especially well suited for this. We in Bergen Fjordtours can bring along experienced chefs, or you can make the food by yourself. It is up to you.

Fjordcruise i Bergen

The fjord cruise usually embarks from the port of Bergen, well known for its high pulse and for its rich traditions of fishing culture and boat life. Here you will get acquainted with “Bryggen” and the fish market. You will also find information about boat rentals in Bergen and beyond on the port of Bergen, where Bergen Fjordtours has been the leading company in fishing trips and private fjord cruises for the last 15 years. With Bergen Fjordtours we let you bring along guest at any point along the fjords and to disembark them at your preferred location.

Under the banner “AREAS”, you can familiarize yourself with the different kinds of fjords cruises we offer. We will be happy to customize the trip for you based on your preferences.

On board the fjord cruise boat Weller, you will find a thick guest book filled with amazing testaments from our guests who has sailed with us for the last 15 years. Come along and leave your print in our book, and experience the unforgettable fjord tours in and around Bergen with Bergen Fjordtours.

Our beloved cruise Weller, turning 70 years in 2017, is a beautiful 50 feet long yacht with great comfort and has all the attributes you need. The large deck lets you wander about with ease, and lets you relax with a good book without any distress. When the sun is shining, you might fell an urge to enjoy a cold beverage on the open deck. Sweeping through the fjords almost soundlessly along the amazing fjords of western Norway while enjoying the surrounding picturesque landscapes is one of the most unique experiences you can imagine.

We hope that you will join us at Bergen Fjordtours for a fantastic fjord cruise!