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Askøy is the island closest to Bergen; with an area covering 100km2, it has around 25.000 inhabitants.

Fjords surround Askøy and there are many beautiful smaller islands on the west side.

During the last ice age, after the ice began to retreat, Askøy was positioned at the boarder of the ice, which can be seen due to the impact the glacier had on the earth, making the soil at Herdla very fertile (and now providing us with the world’s best strawberries, know as Askebær).

Nature here is rich and diverse, with beautiful and varied scenery.

Askøy Bergen Fjordtours

On 2 April 1194, on the southern part of the island Askøy near the village Florvåg, Norway’s greatest battle at sea of its time took place. With 20 ships and approximately 2000 men King Sverre fought against Sigurd Magnusson, who had 23 ships and also approx. 2000 men. Eventually resulting in 2500 men loosing their lives (including Sigurd Magnusson) and King Sverre being crowed King of all of Norway.

During the Viking Age there were many royal houses (farms) located in and around the villages Ask and Herdla on Askøy.

From Herdla, King Håkon Håkonsson collected his fleet and set out on his last ever journey.

Herdla is located in the north of Askøy, within the province Hordaland, here you can find a Nature Park and the island’s largest agricultural area. The flora and fauna are very unique and simply beautiful.

We can still see many remains from the 2nd World War when German troops built an airport and many large fortifications.

A boat trip around Askøy, with its small rural community and the surrounding islands and islets on the west side, is probably the route that is nearest to our hearts, here at Bergen Fjordtours. Watching the sunset in Herdlafjorden is a magical experience, especially when enjoying our own catch on the beach, located in the beautiful nature reserve in Kollevågen.

This tour is suitable for all types of activities with its many sheltered islets and reefs. Around Herdla are fantastic snorkelling and canoeing opportunities and the fishing spots north of Herdla are very popular. It’s also possible to go ashore and explore the local nature park.

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