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TSMY Weller

Sitting on deck of boat “Weller”, almost silently gliding through the water accompanied by the magnificent coastal scenery and enjoying our home made food will be an unforgettable experience. “Weller’s” deck is spacious; it has a large table on the foredeck and a cosy lounge under the roof. Here you can enjoy the trip no matter what the weather conditions are like. A windbreaker is surrounding the lounge area to protect us from possible stormy weather.

T.S.M.Y. Weller was originally built for the British Navy in 1947. Weller was in service as a supply ship to and from the ships on the North Sea coast.

Weller was under private ownership in the 60ties and was beautifully decorated with incredible detail. In 1998 Weller was purchased and brought to Norway all the way from Mallorca, and with that the extensive restoration work began. Today it is a beautiful boat with cosy cabins and a saloon below deck.

“Weller” is perfect for our tours and is well equipped for the various activities such as fishing and longer trips. For swimming and snorkelling we have a bathing ladder.

“Weller” has a certificate to carry 12 passengers in the trade area 3 (this means that the boat can operate along the major parts of the coast line) and making a speed of 9 knots

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